Don’t hate what i have become …


Don’t hate what I have become
Just love me for what I’m

Don’t turn you face away
Just face what you have done

So pray tell me why
You look into my eyes
And they go colder , colder

Summers lost in wind
Breath lost on a swing
Don’t judge me now
The scars are better , better

I fall for no reason at all
Clinging to a part of me long lost
Dont walk away now
I have never felt this darker, darker

And in this world so lonely
We all trudge along
I feel my chills rise
Looking back never, never …



Thank you….

This one is for someone ….


this ones for caring when no one else did

Thank for gentle cares bestowed
Thank you for kindness

Thank you for being there when asked
Thank you for asking less

Thank you for smiles sent my way
Thank you for no regrets

Thank you for unspoken words
Thank you for silent stares

Thank you for hopeful dreams
Thank you for tear dried eyes

Thank you just this once
Thank you for being you

on lying……..


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your lies will go

as long as your shadows

how long will they  cast

how long will they last

so tell me a tale, a fable,  a lore

tell me one I havent heard before

I m ready to listen one last time

to believe or not , the choice is mine


you may have swindled dreams

unheard silent screams

hopes that shattered against the sea

and now you come to me


I sit patiently waiting 

for your yarn to spin

better finish fast

for time runs thin 


resting against my heart 

apart from your scars

is a cold dagger

to tear your world apart


so storyteller, nows your turn

last one , well begun

ending baying for blood

for vengeance spares none .




there is only so much…………..


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there is only so much love can ask

there is only so much love can give

love knows no boundaries

just offers content till we live 

there is only so much in the name of kindness

there is only so much in the name of grace

and everything is given 

without so much a preface

there is only so much to be learnt

there is only so much to be taught

if the hearts not ready to open

the effort’s all naught

there is only so much pain

there is only so much the heart can bear 

an empty heart knows its sorrow

a full one knows no shame

there is only so much we can understand 

there is only so much we can explain 

all things are said unspoken 

and the words lie about in vain 

there is only so much of life

there is only so much of living

we all must play our parts 

even if we may just be existing ……

love ,


stuck in time


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what I did 

or did not do 

is it for me

or is it for you?


will you leave 

or should I stay?

we can’t stay

forever this way.


stuck in time.

like broken glass,

strewn around

my heart’s shards.

you mend me gently ,

break me more .

 whispered nothings,

waves on the shore ..


we are frozen in the moment,

victims of our vice.

together forever ,

yet lonely miserable lives………………

moving on…..


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I have been lying along

stringing to a song

holding on…

holding on…

for all I care 

is now not what I know

a change so profound

that is astounds


bewildered a glance

unbroken a grace

I will stand…

I will stand….



you have spun around 

a web of lies

 never to be found

but now I come unbound


I walk with my head held proud

will never wear that dark shroud

my dreams are now unchained

I move on…

I move on….







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I waited there

just to see where 

the dreams go 

once dead 


I just chanced upon

a secure place

one I cant have

on the road I left .




I saw all that

the storm left behind 

broken homes shattered hopes

I made my mind to never turn back 



and here I am

on the crossroads of life 

confused as before 

scared as a child…..


love ,


on coming back


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so I am back . after considerably a long time. it feels good , in a way . coming back to an old poison after years of abstention. it still haven’t figured out anything . about myself. about this lil space of mine on the interwebz , on writing.

I lack the consistency , its true. its been said to me before as well.when it comes to anything. and it is not for the lack of trying but for the lack of loving it enough to make it last.

I get bored easy. I cant be occupied with a thing for long enough time till something new comes along and catches my eye. and with the ease of a magpie my mind flies…..

so this to remember to not let my mind fly, this is to cherish all that there is so far, this is to never remaining consistent and to letting wanderlust be.